Raise bigger funds, more quickly with less cost and stress.

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Approve your investors once across all of your funds, across Subscription, 506(c) accreditation, KYC and Tax. All in one platform, in a seamless end-to-end experience.

Our team of legal experts are on hand to help investors. Ensuring they never have to self-serve.

How our Fund Subscription service works:

We replicate your counsel’s questions quickly and then show investors only those relevant to them. 

  • No more annexes or complicated navigation. 
  • Investors who have completed a Subscription questionnaire on IDR before can pre-populate their answers
  • Fully digital sign off with DocuSign. 

Close faster

  • Expert support

    Our team will substantively review the subscription answers, minimising errors. ​

  • Smooth process

    In-app comment functionality reduces email back and forth.​

  • Investor status

    We’ll check the 506(c) status of applicable investors, extending your reach directly to private wealth.​

  • Efficiency

    Your fund counsel spends less time chasing paper and can close your fund faster.​

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You don't have to take our word for it. This is what our clients say:

During our recent successful fundraising, IDR's excellent service was of great help and ensured a reliable and complete KYC process in time. The IDR team was very responsive which had been much appreciated not only by our team but also our investors. We can only recommend IDR and look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.

Christoph D. Kauter

Founder | Beyond Capital Partners