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Private Markets takeaways from the ACG M&A West Conference

Simona Shao
Thu, 06 Jun, 2024

Simona Shao, recently attended the ACG San Francisco M&A West Conference in Napa, California, alongside over 350 dealmakers from the private equity and M&A communities.

The varied agenda covered a broad range of topics including investing in clean energy, CFO hiring strategies, and the implications of an aging baby boomer population on wine consumption (it’s declining). 

Key takeaways from a private markets perspective included:
  • Bridging the gap between public finance and private equity to catalyse growth and innovation – Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer, shared her thoughts on creating and distributing equity to investors who don’t have access to it via generational wealth and how increasing financial literacy through legislation and policy will play a role in achieving this.
  • Building brands, driving value – A panel of experts explored why a strong identity, brand equity, longstanding track record, attention to detail, and strategic communication matter when building a brand and driving value. They emphasised the importance of leveraging marketing to expand the client base via upselling and cross-selling.  As private markets managers continue to grow and diversify their offerings, this will be relevant within their own operations and across portfolio companies.
  • The evolution of the family office – led by Jason Thompson, Chief Wealth Strategist for the Rockefeller Global Family Office, this session delivered fascinating insights into how modern-day family offices have become highly sophisticated investment managers, representing a growing proportion of the private markets investor base.

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