We can approve your KYC and take responsibility as MLRO-MLCO


  • Take named responsibility for KYC across the fund and its investors.
  • Liaise with the AML authorities on your behalf if ever required.


  • Ensure that your policies and procedures are fully, but sensitively, updated to current best practice.
  • Test adherence and effectiveness of the KYC policy.
  • Report any breaches or defects to the fund board.
MLRO & MLCO Services

Supporting you with peace of mind

We will approve your KYC and take responsibility as MLRO-MLCO.  The data in our system will be used to complete regulatory testing and reporting through your fund’s life cycle.

  • Simple for us
    The data is already in our system.
  • Simple for you
    The Board receives a quarterly board pack of all relevant information regarding your investors.
  • No further data collection
    All the information we need will have been collated via the KYC service. We provide you with key MI reports on a quarterly basis.
  • Reporting for you
    The MLRO will deal with all aspects of unusual activity, including dealing with the FIU, on your behalf.
  • Reporting to you
    Our established quality assurance program will be tailored specifically to your investors and provide your Board with our findings and recommendations.
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We support the entire onboarding workflow across subscription, internationally compliant KYC, tax and MLRO services. Our hub is efficient, private and easy to use for investors while fund managers can control their whole onboarding process in one place and pre-approve investors across all of their investment strategies.

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