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Mind the Expectations Gap – Leveraging Technology for a Best-in-Class Investor Experience

Tim Andrews
Tue, 14 May, 2024

On 2 May, IDR and Holland Mountain co-hosted a breakfast event at The Langham in London on how private markets fund managers can leverage technology to deliver a best-in-class experience for their investors. During the session, which was moderated by IDR’s CEO, Tim Andrews, our panellists Jessica Ferm – Managing Director, Investor Relations at Permira, Jeremy Hocter – Managing Director at Holland Mountain and Jason Green – CTO at IDR discussed:

  • Where we are today from an investor experience perspective.
  • The challenges technology can and cannot solve.
  • Some of the key technology tools available at our disposal today.
  • How emerging technologies like blockchain and AI could help shape the future of private markets investing.

Watch a video of the panel discussion here:


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