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Meet the #IDRTeam – Sukayna Bassier, Senior KYC Analyst

Fri, 07 Jun, 2024

Sukayna Bassier is a Senior KYC Analyst in IDR’s Managed Services Team and an admitted Attorney to the High Court of South Africa. She shares what a typical day providing expert KYC support to IDR’s clients looks like, her career journey to date and why her best career advice is to “Just ask the question”. 

What’s your role and what does a typical day at IDR for you entail?  
I am a Senior KYC Analyst within the Managed Services Team.  We offer a tailored, hands-on service to our clients, which means there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’. Common themes include, gathering and reviewing KYC information to create a digital IDR passport for clients and then sharing it on their behalf as requested. As KYC experts, we’re able to act as a firewall for our clients filtering and handling counterparty questions and requests.  This significantly reduces the amount of time our clients need to spend on KYC.  

What’s your background and how has your career evolved? 
Having completed Bachelors Degrees first in Social Science and then in Law at the University of Cape Town I began my career as a Legal Administrator at one of the top Debt Counselling Companies in South Africa.  During this time, I also attended law school in the evening for six months which meant I was eligible to be admitted as an attorney after 12 months of training.   In early 2023 I was admitted as an Attorney to the High Court of South Africa. My journey with IDR began shortly after this.  

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 
‘Just ask the question’ whether it is about a new process, something you do not understand, your career progression – just ask. 

In a personal capacity, what’s a moment or experience that’s had a big impact on who you are today? 
One transformative event that significantly influenced my current self was the Covid Lockdown of 2020. Fresh out of earning my LLB Degree, I was employed as a Legal Administrator for a company that didn’t qualify as an ‘essential service’ in South Africa. What I initially anticipated as a brief 21-day hiatus at home, extended into three months of unexpected unemployment. Whilst this unanticipated phase caught me off guard, it became the break I never knew I needed. This period ignited a profound curiosity and appreciation for the various avenues my law degree could offer, expanding my perspective and shaping my approach to my future career within the legal profession. 

Outside of work what do you most enjoy doing? 
Being the youngest of eight siblings, I enjoy the time I spend with my family, especially my nieces.  Listening to their stories is a genuine pleasure for me. I also enjoy baking, shopping and watching live rugby matches. 

What’s on your bucket list?  
I’m a huge fan of rugby and I dream of following the Springboks on their end-of-year tour someday. It’s on my bucket list! 


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