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Managed KYC – How Does it Work?

Louis Dodd
Mon, 03 Oct, 2022

Our Managed Service Lead, Louis Dodd, explains IDR’s simple and hassle-free approach to managing KYC.

Why is Managed KYC important? 

As the private markets have become increasingly regulated, investors now need to provide a high volume of CDD materials and address a booklet of supplementary questions whenever they make an investment.

This may be necessary for both the fund or company into which they are investing and to satisfy the requirements of administrators and other third-party providers.

IDR’s unique Managed KYC solution addresses the challenges arising from CDD and KYC requests for our diverse investor client base.

How does it work?

Our one-and-done solution involves creating a fully digital investment passport, which we authenticate once.  Clients can then use this passport for all KYC and FATCA/CRS requests.
Our Managed KYC Team acts as a firewall for our clients. As KYC experts, we have the knowledge to filter out and handle counterparty questions and requests, pushing back on unreasonable or unnecessary requests.  This significantly reduces the amount of time a client needs to spend on KYC.

Concerns around privacy and security are also resolved.  We share a digital KYC passport once through our trusted hub rather than lengthy KYC packs, comprising copies of passports and other sensitive information, physically or via email multiple times.

We also ensure all information is kept up-to-date so that when a passport expires, it is easy for our clients to update it once with us. So when your investments come back after three years and request updated materials, they can come straight to our team and satisfy these requirements – without the need to complete the whole KYC process again.

For more information, reach out to Louis Dodd, our Managed Services Lead. 


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