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IDR Managed KYC Investment Passport

Louis Dodd
Mon, 17 Oct, 2022

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IDR’s Managed KYC Lead, Louis Dodd explains how IDR’s investment passport saves time and provides greater privacy for investors.

IDR’s fully digital investment passport underpins our one-and-done approach.

We gather all relevant information and authenticate it once, to set up your IDR investment passport. Done.  

From here you’re pre-approved across all your investments. It’s trusted by banks and other third parties and acceptable across all investment jurisdictions, so no further information or checks are required.   

So how does it work? 

Our Investment Passport comprises your IDR profile, a KYC summary and mechanisms for a regulated financial services provider to introduce their client to a third party.   

The KYC summary confirms the policies and procedures applied by IDR showing they meet the regulatory requirements. 

IDR applies a single policy which meets or exceeds the requirements of all principal investment jurisdictions.

This ensures that profiles can be universally accepted and keeps our standards up to date with each FATF country evaluation. Banks and service providers can therefore trust the information held in our platform to meet their information requirements. 

The Investment passport can also include access to key evidence documents needed to make investments and open accounts. This allows the documents to be shared securely in line with your privacy policies.

To find out how IDR can help you, reach out to Louis Dodd, our Managed Services Lead.


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