What’s it like working as a trainee at IDR? 

I spent a few weeks as a trainee within IDR’s technology team and it was genuinely interesting. You aren’t given mundane tasks or stereotypical internship jobs like photocopying and making coffee (the coffee machine is good by the way). Instead, you’re given proper hands-on experience, problems to solve and real responsibility with projects.  

What sort of projects have you been involved with? 

 I’ve worked on a variety of projects: 

  • I was Product Owner on the MLRO service which delivers a tech-based solution for our clients’ compliance challenges
  • I worked on the Rapid Response development queue which identifies opportunities to improve the performance of our technology for our clients
  • I helped with automation within our in-house HR system
  • I was involved in a variety of smaller ad-hoc tasks to support the rest of the business.

What’s been your main learning? 

I’ve learnt how to apply abstract problem solving to practical solutions for the business. Whether that be how the MLRO service should function from a technology perspective or considering solutions to issues raised in our Rapid Response queue. 

What have you most enjoyed? 

Working on the MLRO service has been incredibly enjoyable. Being able to take an abstract idea for a service to a functioning one is very rewarding. 

What are you studying at University? 

I’m studying Philosophy and Politics. While this degree has no ‘real’ correlation with technology, it provides you with the logical and analytical mindset to problem-solve and come up with interesting solutions to challenges. 

 Outside of your placement, what have you enjoyed doing during your summer break? 

 It’s been great to go out with my mates that I haven’t really seen whilst I’ve been at university. I’ve also enjoyed doing a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in my free time.