Founder's Diary

A series of podcast episodes where we talk to Tim Andrews about starting IDR. We’ll talk about the raw fear, sheer dogged unreasonable perseverance, huge loyalty and hope that IDR from a few desks in a fund administrator to a successful global business.

Founder's Diary - Episode 1

The idea that led to IDR

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Founder's Diary - Episode 2

The pros and cons of starting a business inside another business

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Founder's Diary - Episode 3

Teamwork makes the dream work

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Founder's Diary - Episode 4

The rollercoaster ride of raising capital

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Founder's Diary - Episode 5

The challenges of spinning out of a big fund admin

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InsIDR Conversations

In this podcast, we’ll discuss anything and everything private markets related. You’ll hear from a variety of people within our business and together we’ll unpack ideas, opinions and interesting concepts around industry trends, investor onboarding processes, fund subscription, AML and MLRO, the investment process and the impact of technology on the private markets.

Episode 6

Centralised investor onboarding: What does this mean?

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Episode 5

Revolutionising the fund subscription process

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Episode 4

Investor experience - expectations vs reality

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Episode 3

Looking at the onboarding process through the eyes of the investor 

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Episode 2

The Impact of current marketplace conditions on service providers

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Episode 1

Digital KYC and the opportunities it presents for the private markets

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