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24 April 2019 Changes in the Cayman AML and Data Protection Landscapes

In the last 18 months, the Cayman Islands has made key legislative updates to boost both its AML and Data Protection regimes in the form of a 2017 revision of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and the passing of the Data Protection Law (“DPL”).

08 April 2019 KYC in the USA: Not so nebulous

The USA is in some ways a contradiction in terms of Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) rules. While in many ways the USA has traditionally been the driving force behind international sanctions and countering the financing of terrorism, it has trailed behind other jurisdictions in the imposition of strict rules on non-banking financial institutions to perform the type of Know Your Client (“KYC”) checks on customers that are the accepted practice in Europe.

02 April 2019 Fintech for Private Funds – Beyond the hype

Beyond the hype, however, what exactly is Fintech? Why is it booming now and why should Private Equity managers pay attention?

25 May 2018 Implications of the Fifth Money Laundering Directive for the Funds Industry- May 2018
21 February 2018 GDPR for the Funds Industry

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018 and with just a few months left to comply with the requirements, time is of the essence for businesses.

21 February 2018 W-8 and W-9 Forms for Private Funds

These W Series forms come in different formats. Which one applies to your entity and how do you know which fields to complete?

10 February 2017 Breaking Down Barriers – Digital Due Diligence for the Funds Industry

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is the single biggest issue which delays fund closings. The way in which it is handled often creates a protracted administrative process for investors. This article outlines the benefits of a product designed to make the lives of both investors and fund managers far easier during the subscription process.