• Identify and support the productivity and training needs of colleagues and clients within agreed timescales.
  • Actively encourage a positive culture of continuous improvement through new ideas.
  • Work collaboratively and be approachable and respectful with your team members and all IDR staff.
  • Interact with clients, lawyers, investors and administrators effectively and professionally.
  • Clearly own your functional area in the view of clients and your team members.


  • Confidently perform senior reviews of KYC Profiles in collaboration with the MLRO and senior colleagues.
  • Confidently perform enhanced customer due diligence checks and escalate high-risk files and screening matches when required within our processes.
  • Manage ongoing monitoring projects to meet client deadlines.
  • Assist the Operations Leader in ensuring that all activity reflects a defined process and is undertaken within its parameters
  • Consistently manage the screening control page, correctly discounting, matching and referring to the appropriate MLRO.
  • Understand and explain the regulatory basis for Ongoing Monitoring as part of regular training.
  • Own the Ongoing Monitoring service and act as the primary point of contact for all clients and staff.


  • Maximize the use of technology in all processes to control risk and improve efficiency.
  • Navigate efficiently around TIDR in support of your duties.
  • Suggest technology improvements in pursuit of efficiency.


  • Support the measurement and reporting of performance using well-considered indicators
  • Promote and contribute to a positive working environment.
  • Control daily work allocation using the task management system.

​Key Result Areas

  • Efficient processing of KYC senior reviews.
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and aid those around you.
  • Competent and knowledgeable team who meet or exceed clear metrics.
  • Continuously improving systems and processes that are understood by all staff.

Target Qualifications

  • A first degree in finance, management, or law.
  • Experience in performing KYC on individuals and complex structures.

About you

  • Proactive, organised, working efficiently and accurately within defined processes.
  • Proactively suggest process & system improvements to maximize efficiency.
  • Take initiative, solution-oriented thinker who is approachable to all staff.
  • Excellent communicator, self-starting & capable of working with light supervision.
  • Competent & knowledgeable team member who understands both system and process
  • Maintain strong relationships with management, ensuring discretion is always adhered to