We are looking for a highly skilled software developer with experience using test-driven development (TDD) to collaborate with other developers and QA Testers to build amazing software.

The successful candidate will have experience working on complex projects of multiple sizes within a professional environment.

What you’ll do

  • Work with your squad (including other developers, a BA/Product Owner, and a Scrum Master) to turn high-level one pagers and UX artifacts like process flows and wireframes into agreed and well thought through architectural approaches that will scale and stay performant over time.
  • Work within an Agile process, contributing to ceremonies including stand-ups, sprint and increment planning, and retros.
  • Work with your squad to write high-quality code, using a TDD approach, using best practice techniques such as Service Orientated Architecture etc.
  • Peer Review other people’s code to make sure it is; a) good and b) broadly speaking using the architecture the squad and Solutions Architect agreed on
  • Create part of a cloud-native, infrastructure-as-code stack.
  • Allow time for your own professional development so you stay up to date, as well as supporting other members of the development team in their own professional development where you can.

Some skills you may have

Very important

  • Test Driven Development
  • Experience in a typed, server-side programming language (ideally C# using N Unit)
  • Experience working as part of a team
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to explain and discuss technical concepts with other developers
  • Experience in an Agile environment
  • Experience with Service Orientated Architecture
  • Good at architecture, good at coding
  • Basic SQL / other database experience
  • GIT
  • Experience working with internal and 3rd party APIs
  • Understanding of common software paradigms such as SOLID, MVC, OOP, common software design patterns and anti-patterns

Less important, but very useful

  • .NET Core/Framework, ASP.NET. Visual Studio
  • Cloud first experience
  • Other Microsoft technologies (Azure, Active Directory, SharePoint, PowerBI etc)
  • Serious database experience
  • DevOps / Infrastructure as Code Experience (Terraform etc)
  • Front end experience (we currently use Angular, but are open to changing)
  • Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular or equivalent (including front end TDD frameworks)
  • Experience with Azure DevOps (repos, pipelines, boards etc)
  • Experience working on applications at scale / with high loads
  • Security / Infosec knowledge
  • Docker, Kubernetes or equivalents
  • FinTech or finance experience

What you’ll be working on

IDR is designed to make life easier for private equity firms and investors, by streamlining repetitive, paperwork-heavy tasks like client onboarding (KYC), tax filings (FATCA / CRS), and legal processes.

Our application is built in C# on Azure and is used by nearly 40,000 investors and over 5,500 funds.

As a developer at IDR you’ll be helping improve the quality and stability of the system, while adding features and improving the user experience.

Our Recruitment Process

Our typical application process involves:

  • An initial interview followed by
  • An optional 2-part second stage technical interview focussed on a real-world scenario
    • Part 1: Architectural level
    • Part 2: Pair programming on one part of the proposed application

We are keen to make the application process accessible for disabled and neurodiverse candidates, as well as people from non-traditional backgrounds, and we recognise that this format won’t be right for everyone.

If you would like us to put adjustments in place, please let us know and we can work together to design an application process that works for you. We want to give you the best opportunity to showcase how good you are for the role, not to put barriers in your way!